SGMY16: Day 6 Final Day of Singapore

Day 6: Final Day of Singapore and Back to Sydney


I have to be honest, my last day in Singapore was a bit boring.  I got up early, had breakfast in the hotel and went back to bed for a few hours.

I did wake up early enough in the afternoon to grab an MRT Train into Chinatown to get a last fix of KFC.  Did I mention that Singapore has awesome KFC?




On my way back to the hotel I even managed to find some more quirkiness in the Underpass with a couple ballroom dancing, and a bunch of guys riding skateboards.  Here’s some video:



I went upstairs, packed my bags and checked out nice and early to get a taxi back to Changi Airport.  The driver was extremely friendly and we talked a lot about Sydney and Singapore and the differences between the two places.

I collected my boarding pass and made my way through immigration and found a smoking lounge to relax in before the flight.

A bit of shopping (I just bought food) later I made my way to the gate and boarded the flight home.

I was super lucky, the man next to me asked the flight attendant if he could move to sit with his wife so I had the seat to myself.

I slept most of the flight and was woken up around 9am AEST for breakfast before landing 2 hours later.


Scoot Breakfast Wrap

Scoot Breakfast Wrap


The funniest part of my whole trip was arriving back at Sydney Airport.  After clearing immigration I was sent to the declaration line as I had declared tobacco products on the incoming passenger card.  Waiting in line the customs agent was getting frustrated with people not having their card filled in.  He got to me and said “What, you dont even have a pen” where I replied “No sir, I have completed my form already”.  He’s taken a look and asked what I have.  I told him I had 2 cigars I have bought for a friend and about 30 cigarettes.  He replied “AND THE TRUTH, SHALL SET YOU FREE” and he’s moved the rope aside and sent me to the exit.  Gotta love Australia.

Anyway, that’s my holiday.  Hope you’ll leave a comment or two on these pages and I’ll write for you again next time I go somewhere great.


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