Welcome to Fly With Me, my blog about all the things that I love.  You'll see from this site that I have a keen passion in aviation, watching planes is what gets me by all the times I have nowhere to go.

I also love to travel, alas I do not get to do this as much as I would like.

Whether you share my love of planes or traveling the world I am sure you'll find something here to scratch that itch.

If you do like something you see please leave a comment, your feedback is what drives me to keep writing and sharing these great things.

General Reading

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    This site has gone through a transformation. See what's new and help me to make it even better.
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    Just a short blurb to try and get some attention to my Youtube Channel.
  • outside-t1That Airporty Feeling
    That feeling you get when you visit the airport, even if you're not going anywhere.
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    Welcome to 2016, what are my travel aspirations this year?