SGMY16: Day 5 Back to Singapore

Day 5: Back to Singapore

I woke early on Thursday morning and packed my bags and headed downstairs.  It is almost an hour to Kulua Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) by taxi and I wanted to get there early to have a look around.

After checking out I went and sat outside while the concierge went and found me a taxi.  I took the time to take some photos of the hotel.



I paid the concierge upfront of the taxi trip which still seems cheap to me at MR100 which works out around $AUD30.



Once the taxi arrived we headed off towards KLIA.  The driver was a lovely lady with a terrible cough, I really wanted to give her some money to go to a doctor but I didn’t think it’d be polite to suggest it.

Arriving at KLIA an hour later I went and checked in with Singapore Airlines and made my way through immigration.

The gate was in another building and there is a train that runs back and fourth between the buildings every few minutes.



Once I arrived at the C building I went and found the Singapore Airlines lounge to see how the other half live.  Sad to say Virgin do a much better lounge in Australia but still the food wasn’t too bad even if there wasn’t a big selection and the lounge itself was quite small.

I then went and checked in at the gate, went through security and boarded flight SQ107 to Singapore.

Here’s some photos of the journey and a video of the takeoff.


The flight only lasted around 45 minutes, barely enough time for the lovely flight crew to serve everyone up a quick drink of water/coffee.

Arriving at Changi Airport again was great,  I love Changi Airport.

I found the awesome slide in Terminal 1.  For those who don’t know, you don’t need to take the stairs when you can take the slide.



I grabbed a taxi and headed to my “hotel” which is called The Residence at Singapore Recreation Club.  Basically it’s a country club with loads of sporting grounds and they’ve got some hotel rooms on the top floor.  The room was fairly basic and the amenities what you’d expect.  Surprisingly while the most “budget” accommodation, it actually had the most comfortable bed.


Hotel Reception at The Residence at Singapore Recration Club

Hotel Reception at The Residence at Singapore Recration Club


After checking in, I went for a walk to the nearby Marina Square Shopping Center in search of lunch.  After a quick lunch I decided to head back to Chinatown.  Instead of grabbing a taxi but I figured why not act like a local and catch a train.  It took me a little while to work out how to do that, while the SMRT is SMaRT it doesn’t mean it’s not easy to understand.

The stations I went to are quite a long way underground and the trains are driverless and arrive every 2-5 minutes.  Talk about efficient.  After working out where to go I made my way to Chinatown and back like a pro.

Here’s some photos of my explorations.



On the walk back to the hotel from the MRT, there is an underpass which is quite large under an intersection.  The area is awesome, airconditioned etc.

While I was walking through there were a bunch of guys in there with their music playing loudly break dancing.  I tried to get a video:




Soon I was back in the hotel, testing out a comfy bed and getting some shut eye.  This week has certainly taken it’s toll on me with too many late nights and many early mornings.


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