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Date Flight No Airline Aircraft Seat Registration From To Purpose Comments
27/11/2008 DJ203 Virgin Blue B737-800 Sydney Brisbane Work
27/11/2008 DJ276 Virgin Blue B737-800 Brisbane Sydney Work
1/12/2009 QF437 Qantas B737-800 Sydney Melbourne Work
3/12/2009 QF434 Qantas B737-800 Melbourne Sydney Work
15/03/2010 DJ802 Virgin Blue B737-800 Sydney Melbourne Work
19/03/2010 DJ845 Virgin Blue B737-800 Melbourne Sydney Work
22/03/2010 DJ808 Virgin Blue B737-800 Sydney Melbourne Work
24/03/2010 DJ853 Virgin Blue B737-800 Melbourne Sydney Work
17/11/2010 JQ603 Jetstar A320-200 Sydney Avalon Holiday
23/11/2010 JQ602 Jetstar A320-200 Avalon Sydney Holiday
18/04/2011 DJ818 Virgin Blue B737-800 Sydney Melbourne Work
18/04/2011 DJ899 Virgin Blue B737-800 Melbourne Sydney Work
9/05/2011 DJ905 Virgin Blue B737-800 Sydney Brisbane Work
9/05/2011 DJ978 Virgin Blue B737-800 Brisbane Sydney Work
13/09/2013 JQ523 Jetstar A320-200 10A VH-VQD Sydney Melbourne Holiday
16/09/2013 JQ528 Jetstar A320-200 - Melbourne Sydney Holiday Cancelled
17/09/2013 JQ504 Jetstar A320-200 22E VH-VQM Melbourne Sydney Holiday
25/03/2015 NZ104 Air NZ B777-300 56K ZK-OKE Sydney Auckland Holiday
4/04/2015 JQ194 Jetstar A320-200 22F VH-VFD Queenstown Gold Coast Holiday
4/04/2015 JQ419 Jetstar A320-200 2F VH-VFD Gold Coast Sydney Holiday
1/08/2015 VA808 Virgin Aus B737-800 30D VH-VUV Sydney Melbourne Holiday
2/08/2015 VA879 Virgin Aus B737-800 30D VH-YFF Melbourne Sydney Holiday
26/09/2015 TZ1 Scoot B787-8 2K 9V-OFB Sydney Singapore Holiday
1/10/2015 TZ2 Scoot B787-8 32H 9V-OJA Singapore Sydney Holiday
31/10/2015 JQ762 Jetstar A320-200 14D VH-VFQ Sydney Adelaide Day Trip
31/10/2015 JQ769 Jetstar A320-200 10C VH-VGZ Adelaide Sydney Day Trip
27/11/2015 VA181 Virgin Aus B737-800 24D VH-YIZ Sydney Nadi Holiday
1/12/2015 VA176 Virgin Aus B737-800 23D VH-YIE Nadi Brisbane Holiday
1/12/2015 VA992 Virgin Aus B737-800 23D VH-YFR Brisbane Sydney Holiday
30/01/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 5A VH-FVN Sydney Port Macquarie Family
30/01/2016 VA1188 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 5A VH-FVR Port Macquarie Sydney Family
6/02/2016 NZ102 Air NZ B767-319 59K ZK-NCJ Sydney Auckland Holiday
10/02/2016 VA153 Virgin Aus B737-800 17C VH-YIT Auckland Brisbane Holiday
10/02/2016 VA946 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 17C VH-YFR Brisbane Sydney Holiday
14/05/2016 VA555 Virgin Aus A330-243 24H VH-XFD Sydney Perth Antonov 225
15/05/2016 VA473 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 24D VH-YFR Perth Brisbane Antonov 225
16/05/2016 VA908 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 24D VH-VOP Brisbane Sydney Antonov 225
21/05/2016 VA800 Virgin Aus ERJ-190AR 19C VH-ZPB Sydney Melbourne Day Trip
21/05/2016 VA1362 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 28D VH-VUO Melbourne Launceston Day Trip
21/05/2016 VA1153 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 8D VH-YFG Launceston Sydney Day Trip
04/06/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 9A VH-FVY Sydney Port Macquarie Family
04/06/2016 VA1188 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 9A VH-FVP Port Macquarie Sydney Family Very Turbulent
26/06/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15A VH-FVR Sydney Port Macquarie Family
26/06/2016 VA1192 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 14A VH-VPI Port Macquarie Sydney Family
03/07/2016 JQ766 Jetstar A320-232 16A VH-VGR Sydney Adelaide Holiday
04/07/2016 VA232 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 12F VH-VOL Adelaide Melbourne Holiday
04/07/2016 VA879 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 12F VH-VUG Melbourne Sydney Holiday
14/07/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15A VH-FVZ Sydney Port Macquarie Family
14/07/2016 VA1192 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 11A VH-FVQ Port Macquarie Sydney Family
30/07/2016 VA511 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 10A VH-VUX Sydney Gold Coast Holiday
31/07/2016 VA546 Virgin Aus ERJ-190AR 7A VH-ZPL Gold Coast Sydney Holiday
04/09/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 17A VH-FVN Sydney Port Macquarie Family
04/09/2016 VA1192 Virgin Aus ATR72-500 17F VH-FVI Port Macquarie Sydney Family
22/10/2016 VA412 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 10F VH-VUA Sydney Adelaide Holiday
22/10/2016 VA236 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 29F VH-VUV Adelaide Melbourne Holiday
22/10/2016 VA891 Virgin Aus ERJ-190AR 21A VH-ZPH Melbourne Sydney Holiday
13/11/2016 TZ1 Scoot B787-9 3K 9V-OJF Sydney Singapore Holiday
17/11/2016 SQ107 Singapore Airlines A330-300 51K 9V-STG KLIA Singapore Holiday
19/11/2016 TZ2 Scoot B787-9 4A 9V-OJD Singapore Sydney Holiday
26/11/2016 VA898 Virgin Aus ERJ-190AR 10F VH-ZPR Sydney Brisbane Holiday
26/11/2016 VA104 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 3F VH-YIJ Brisbane Wellington Holiday Very Windy Landing See video here
27/11/2016 VA107 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 27F VH-YIG Wellington Brisbane Holiday Very Windy Takeoff See video here
27/11/2016 VA986 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 7D VH-YFQ Brisbane Sydney Holiday
11/12/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15A VH-VPI Sydney Port Macquarie Family
11/12/2016 VA1192 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15F VH-FVP Port Macquarie Sydney Family
28/12/2016 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15D VH-FVZ Sydney Port Macquarie First Flight Toby and Teanna
04/02/2017 VA412 Virgin Aus B737-8KG 11F VH-VUW Sydney Adelaide Friends
05/02/2017 VA238 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 6A VH-VUG Adelaide Melbourne Friends
05/02/2017 VA895 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 4F VH-VUG Melbourne Sydney Friends
05/03/2017 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15F VH-FVR Sydney Port Macquarie Family
05/03/2017 VA1192 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 17F VH-VPI Port Macquarie Sydney Family
21/06/2017 VA142 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 23F VH-YIJ Sydney Auckland Holiday
23/06/2017 QF144 Qantas B747-438(ER) 70F VH-OEG Auckland Sydney Holiday Read More Here
04/03/2018 VA1187 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15F VH-FVQ Sydney Port Macquarie Family See photos and video
04/03/2018 VA1192 Virgin Aus ATR72-600 15A VH-VPI Port Macquarie Sydney Family Hold Pattern over Hunter Valley due to weather in SYD
02/07/2018 VA931 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 24F VH-YFY Sydney Brisbane Work
02/07/2018 VA970 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 27F VH-YFT Brisbane Sydney Work
21/04/2019 QF19 Qantas A330-303 57K VH-QPD Sydney Manila Holiday
28/04/2019 TR393 Scoot A320-232 29F 9V-TAZ Manila Singapore Holiday
30/04/2019 SQ255 Singapore A350-941 64H 9V-SHD Singapore Brisbane Holiday
30/04/2019 VA950 Virgin Aus B737-8FE 29F VH-YFU Brisbane Sydney Holiday

** Unfortunately plenty of trips prior to 2008 and during 2012 that aren’t logged due to lost data.


Plane Log

Aircraft Type Number of Known Flights
Airbus A320-200 11
Airbus A330-200 1
Airbus A330-300 2
Airbus A350-900 1
ATR72-500 1
ATR72-600 21
Boeing 737-800 38
Boeing 747-400 1
Boeing 767-300 1
Boeing 777-200 1
Boeing 787-8 2
Boeing 787-9 2
Embraer ERJ-190AR 4



Airline Times Flown
Air New Zealand 2
Jetstar 9
Qantas 4
Scoot 5
Singapore Airlines 2
Virgin Australia 45

** Some flight data is missing from my travel log so some flights are not accounted for.