2022 Sign Out

It seems that even though 2022 has been such a dull year for me that people are still coming along and reading my stories so I am letting you all know that I am still here, just that it has been a very trying year for my health and I haven’t got out as much as I would have liked.

I am really hoping that 2023 will be the year of improvement and I may get to see some places besides my home and the doctors office.  It’s time to dust off the camera and give the car a service and do some more exploring around Sydney until I can manage to travel further afield.

There wasn’t much to report for 2022.  I had a few small road trips and thanks to my friend Donna taking control of the camera, was able to get some photos to post here.

One of my favourite adventures for 2022 was my day trip to the Japanese Garden in Campbelltown; I had never been before despite my huge love of Japanese things.  A big shout out to any Japanese readers, 新年おめでとう ございます。 I do plan to spend more of 2023 learning more Japanese language.  I have certainly not been very persistent with it over the past year.

Anyway, buckle up and enjoy the ride that will be 2023.  I can’t wait to share some more adventures with everyone.



Photo by MIO ITO on Unsplash
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