Airline Safety Videos #6

Buckle up buckeroos, it’s 2021 and time for some more airline safety videos.


With COVID-19 sending most airlines into a tail spin in 2020 it’s no surprise that budgets for safety videos featuring special effects, movie stars and exotic locations have been cut down.  Below are some of the 2020 videos from a few airlines that have kept the fun alive without breaking the bank.



Of course I am going to start off with Air New Zealand’s 8th Wonder of the World Safety Video.





Next up in United Airlines which feature destinations they fly to.




American Airlines too wants you to know it flies to lots of places, but this video features it’s staff rather than grassy fields.





Qatar prefers to use famous football players to promote their latest safety video.  That’s soccer for those not familiar.





More charitable, Delta Air Lines is partnering with Habitat for Humanity for it’s latest safety video.





Alaska Airlines video focuses on errrr covid safety rather than seatbelts and exit slides with it’s take on the Safety Dance.





Which one is your favourite?  Do you expect any high profile safety videos in 2021?  Airlines often tweak their videos when they start new routes, acquire new aircraft or just feel like having a little fun, so we’ll keep an eye open for the next installments contenders.

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  1. Anyone have any requests for the next airline safety videos compilation? I’d love to do a retro one but the airlines didn’t really use videos back in the day, mostly just crew showing the safety drill.

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