SGMY16: Day 4 Exploring Kuala Lumpur and The Petronas Towers

Day 4 – Kuala Lumpur and Petronas Towers

All along the highlight for my whole trip was seeing the Petronas Towers.  These amazing buildings have been something I have wanted to visit for years but thought I’d never actually do it.

I started the morning off walking to the nearby Suria KLCC Shopping Center which attaches to the Petronas Towers.  I tried out KFC for a quick lunch before going to my Petronas Towers tour.

The KFC wasn’t that great, Singapore definitely do better KFC.


One of the things I’ve read about Malaysia is that the toilets are normally pretty horrible (the public ones in particular).  I didn’t actually find this myself but when I come across a pay toilet in the Suria KLCC I had to stop in and check it out.  There is a lady sitting at a desk inside the corridor who collects the 2 Ringgit from you then gives you a receipt and a wet wipe before you’re ushered off into the toilets.  The toilets were clean and smelled nice.



After lunch I headed outside and took a lot of photos of the towers, they’re just so beautiful.



Before long it was time to go back inside and downstairs to collect my ticket for the Sky Bridge tour.



Once your allocated time comes up you wait in a line, they scan your ticket and give you a lanyard to wear.  They divide the tour up into coloured groups.  I was red group.  You have to go through security before proceeding and they x-ray your bags etc.  You watch a safety video explaining what will go on upstairs then step into a lift with a lot of people that travels to the 41st for floor.  The lift travels at 6 meters per second so it’s pretty quick.


Level 41 – The Sky Bridge

Once you arrive at the 41st floor they give you a brief history of the towers and the sky bridge before setting you loose onto the bridge.  The Sky Bridge is 170 meters above street level and is 2 levels.  The bottom level is for tours while the top level is for office staff to move between the towers.

As always, lots of photos and a video below.




Level 86 Observation Deck

After the Sky Bridge you are ushered back into the lifts to go up to level 83.  At level 83 you go into another lift to go the final 3 floors to the level 86 observation area.

Here’s more photos and video.  I’ve put an arrow on one of the photos showing where my hotel is.  Unfortunately my room was on the other side of the hotel so I had no view of the towers but with all the construction around the hotel it is hard to get a good line of sight to it anyway.






After the Towers Tour I managed to connect up to the Petronas wifi and upload all my photos before I walked back to the hotel.    The walk between the towers and the hotel was somewhat daunting as the traffic seems to do as it pleases; if a light is red, motorbikes will go up on the footpath and cross the road with pedestrians and this just was a bit dangerous for those not used to it (me).

So much walking in one day and my poor back and feet are killing me.   After a nice hot shower I had planned to walk to the KL Tower for dinner and to check it out but unfortunately I fell asleep and woke up just before its closing time so instead just ordered room service and added the KL Tower to my todo next time list.

Later in the evening after it was well and truly dark I went for another walk to get some photos of the Petronas Towers all lit up.  Again, I cannot express how beautiful this is when you’re standing in front of it.



And some more night shots of the city from the Hotel Maya Sky Lounge before heading off to bed.  After napping earlier I managed to sit outside on the Sky Lounge until around 3am.  The city is still noisy at night and you can definitely hear the nearby night life and traffic.  The night sky is also very lit up as you can see in the photos, it never gets dark here.




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