Sydney to South Coast Day Trip

First off we left Sydney and headed towards Wollongong via Campbelltown and Appin.


Today’s photos are thanks to Donna who is becoming a master of wielding the camera.




First stop was Cataract Dam located at Cataract off Appin Road.  This dam was opened in 1907 and holds back 94,300ML of water.  The dam features a sandstone topped walkway the entire length of the dam.  At the time of our visit water was being pumped out of the dam through discharge valves into the Cataract River down to Broughtons Pass.




The next stop was the Bulli Lookout over top of Thirroul and Austinmer.  The lookout affords magnificent views down the coast and out to sea and is best experienced on a clear day.


There are a number of other lookouts in the area including Sublime Point Lookout and the Gateway Center which has a restaurant and gelato.  Highly recommended.


Our stop was at the Bulli Lookout which is poised above a sheer drop down into the valley below with fantastic views down to Port Kembla and beyond on a clear day.






Next stop was further south at the Nan Tien Temple.  The last  time I tried to stop here it was crazy busy but today was not so bad.  It’s a struggle to walk very far but thankfully the temple has many many places to sit and reflect.  We managed to visit the main temple, left some incense burning and left on our merry way about 90 minutes later.  I am always amazed at how beautiful the buildings and gardens are and the smallest of details are not spared with every surface containing a symbol, many of which are dragons, and who doesn’t love dragons.





Next we headed to Albion Park Rail and stopped underneath VH-OJA for a few minutes to pay homage to the beauty of the 747.






A quick stop at KFC in Albion Park before heading inland on the Illawarra Highway towards Macquarie Pass and Robertson which I have never been to before.   Macquarie Pass while steep and curvy wasn’t a terrible drive.  Some sections of road were quite narrow and people were too scared of the edge to drive on their side which could make the drive awkward.  We stopped off at the Big Potato in Robertson which was highly amusing for us.




Lastly we finished our drive to Moss Vale and onto the Hume Highway before heading back to Sydney.  The whole trip was around 400km.


It was good visiting the temple, I was looking forward to some of the delicious food but it was far too busy here.  The “eshays” in Albion Park were a bit much.  Teenagers riding their scooters and bikes through the KFC certainly lacked any respect.  It was also good driving the Illawarra Highway through Macquarie Pass and Robertson, somewhere I have never been before.


Anyway thanks for taking the time to look at our photos.  Be sure to share this post with your friends and leave a comment below so we know what you thought.  Thank you.


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