The Dog on the Tuckerbox

Just outside the southern inland New South Wales town of Gundagai sits the Dog on the Tuckerbox, a statue of a dog seated on the tuckerbox (a lunch box).

It is a popular rest area for travelers on the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Sydney with a large service center located just along side.

These photos were taken all the way back in 2007 at the start of my Outback adventure.


The Dog on the Tuckerbox



The Dog on the Tuckerbox unveiled on 28th November 1982



Bill the Bullocky and the Dog on the Tuckerbox



Along The Road to Gundagai



Doggy Loo



The Statue of the Dog



Poems and Pioneers



The Oldest Poem?



Dog on the Tuckerbox Tourist Shop



The Dog on the Tuckerbox



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