The Central Coast

This weekend I decided to take a short trip up to the Central Coast.  Anyone who is familiar with the area will know the Central Coast starts from just south of Newcastle until just north of Sydney.  This particular trip was centered around The Entrance and a little further north up to Catherine Hill Bay.


The Entrance

The Entrance is located 100km north of the Sydney CBD by car and takes around 90 minutes to drive there.  The area is popular with locals and tourists and the weekends can be a very busy time for the small town center and areas around the lake.

The Entrance is thus named as it is the entrance from the Pacific Ocean to Tuggerah Lake and features a bridge across the lake forming part of the Central Coast Highway.




You’ll also find flocks of birds hanging around the beach everywhere.  They actually have daily feeding of the Pelicans which is kind of cool.  You can find more info about that in this link.




The local fish and chips was pretty good too.




Norah Head

The next stop was Norah Head which is well known for it’s lighthouse and whale watching.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch any whales with my camera but I did manage to capture some lighthouse.




I managed the capture a ship a few kilometers out to see with the superzoom camera.




Just around the corner from the lighthouse was Norah Head beach and rock pool.





Next stop was at a park in Budgewoi and besides the awesome clouds there wasn’t much else to see except for Budgewoi Lake.



Catherine Hill Bay

Last stop was Catherine Hill Bay.  A cute little town with beachy holiday houses on the way into town, a quaint old pub up on the hill and a whole lot of housing development up towards the end of the road.

There was a pretty awesome pier but as far as I can tell there’s no way to actually get to it so photos from afar will have to do.






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You can find more information about the Central Coast on this site.



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