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Hi and thanks for dropping by my blog.  Since the corona outbreak the website traffic has dropped down to almost zero on many of my websites which is interesting given most people are at home and bored.

I don’t make any form of income off my sites despite having ads served on them, I earn on average about $10-20 in a really good month, other months can be less than $1 so it’s certainly not bank breaking.  Eventually I make $100 and put it back towards an adventure or a hotel stay or something to write about on here but that can take well over a year so I really do appreciate the visitors without an adblocker.

There’s something for any adventurers taste with my travel stories before vivid recollections of my adventures, especially the international ones which to some may be insignificant but to others are a brief look at the outside world through someone elses eyes.  And while my aviations photos and videos aren’t the greatest quality, I don’t have an expensive camera but I do have a passion that I often don’t get to enjoy because I am looking through a lens rather than the outside world just so I can share it with others.

Anyway, thank you so much for coming to my blog.  If you can click a like button or leave a comment somewhere or share something with a friend who may be interested I am always super grateful.  I spend a lot of time writing content and am always happy to see someone interested in what I write.

Stay safe in these uncertain times and I hope we’ll all be free to enjoy the world again soon.


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