COVID-19 and Aviation

I don’t really want to write much on this subject as the whole internet is buzzing with coronavirus news and stories and more right now.

Over the past week the aviation industry around the world has been devastated due to the covid-19 coronavirus being declared a pandemic.  Nations have closed their borders and airlines have had to scale back their operations the likes have never been seen before.

Qantas and Virgin Australia, the two biggest airlines in Australia have announced massive numbers of staff stand downs with no idea when flights will be reinstated.  This has been echoed around the world with many airlines finding themselves in a bad place.

Thoughts go out to everyone in the aviation industry; pilots, ground staff, flight attendants, check in staff and so many more.  We are all hopeful this will pass quickly and you’ll be back in the skies before you know it.

One Qantas pilot, Owen Zupp, a Boeing 747 pilot has started writing about the unfolding issues faced by himself and other employees on his blog.  It’s an interesting read and seems like it will be updated daily.  You can read more over here.

To my many aviation friends, take care of yourselves and I am confident your wings won’t be clipped for too long.

There will be millions around the world affected in one way or another before this is over and thoughts go out to them as well.  We will get through this, we just need to keep a level head and not do anything irrational.

Take care everyone.



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