Sydney Plane Spotting 5 May 2018

It was a nice sunny day and perfect for planespotting.  I started off at Shep’s Mound and then moved over the The Beach.

You can find all the awesome places to watch planes in Sydney at my Sydney Planespotting Guide.

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00:10 – Malaysia Airlines A330-323 (9M-MTK)
00:24 – DHL B757-236F (VH-TCA)
01:07 – Qantas A330-202 (VH-EBS)
01:47 – Qantas A380-842 (VH-OQA)
02:27 – Virgin Australia B737-8FE (VH-YFJ)
02:47 – Virgin Australia B737-8FE (VH-VON)
03:12 – Qantas B747-438ER (VH-OEH)
04:34 – Jetstar A320-232 (VH-VGO)
05:14 – Virgin Australia ATR72-600 (VH-FVY)
05:54 – Air China A330-343 (B-6101)
06:42 – Air China A330-343 (B-8385)
07:34 – Jetstar A320-232 (VH-JQL)
08:05 – Qantas B747-438 (VH-OJT)
09:05 – British Airways B777-336ER (G-STBG)
10:30 – Qatar B777-3DZER (A7-BEI)
12:18 – Singapore Airlines A380-841 (9V-SKF)
13:29 – Etihad A380-861 (A6-APF)
13:48 – Air New Zealand A320-232 (ZK-OJA)
14:11 – UPS B747-428F (N580UP)
15:01 – FedEx MD11-F (N588FE)



Here’s some photos of todays planes.  Some of these are in the video above and some aren’t.  In particular I liked seeing the Virgin Australia 737-700 and it was awesome seeing both UPS (747) and FedEx (MD11) fly over.




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