Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

This weekend I took a walk from Milsons Point station to Circular Quay along the Cahill Walk, about 2.5km of gorgeous harbour views.

The walk starts off with stairs just near the exit to Milsons Point station which lead up to the northern bridge approach.  The walk goes along the side of the bridge next to the traffic on the Cahill Expressway.

Along the way you’ll walk through the massive bridge pylons with the southern pylon housing the Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout.  200 stairs from the bridge deck to the top of the pylon with awesome views of the harbour below.

If you’d rather save yourself 200 stairs and $15 entry you’ll still get spectacular views the whole way along the bridge.

At the southern approach you have the option of going downstairs into The Rocks (the oldest part of Sydney) or up the stairs to continue along the Cahill Walk to Circular Quay.  This option has some amazing views and you’ll get to see some of the older parts of The Rocks with the old terrace houses below the road level.

Luckily there was a cruise ship docked at the International Passenger Terminal which made for some good photos.  The ship was the “Explorer of the Seas” from Royal Caribbean Cruiselines.

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