New Zealand Day 10: Queenstown

April 3, 2015

Almost time to go home, our last full day in Queenstown.  We wasted most of the day sleeping.

The drive into Queenstown from Arthurs Point is awesome.  I managed to pull over and take some photos on the way into town.

You can just see the lake where the mountains meet at the bottom, its very beautiful.

After a spa last night I had wet clothes that I wanted to dry so I went off in the morning to look for a laundromatte.

Queenstown Laundromatte

Queenstown Laundromatte

Crystal was still back in the hotel asleep so I went for a drive around the airport area to take a look at the lake and other scenery.

I even managed to catch a plane coming in to land just where I was parked.


After this I went back to the hotel and picked up Crystal.  We went back to Queenstown and again waited in line for Fergburger.



After lunch was time to do some more exploring to try and get as many memories of Queenstown as we could.

We ventured back towards Arrowtown and I decided to follow some signs to the Shotover River.

Here’s a new look at the river from Tucker Beach Road.

Next we ventured back to Queenstown to get some photos of the lake and the town.


Sadly tomorrow we are going home. 🙁


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