New Zealand Day 9: Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and The Shotover River

April 2, 2015

Today I woke early and went around to the hotel breakfast buffet.

Crystal stayed asleep until the mid afternoon and I think we were both due for a good sleep in.

Today was quite windy and cold so we decided we’d just drive around and take some photos.

Lake Wakatipu

These photos were taken along  Kingston Road, just south of Queenstown.  The view of the lake here is uninterrupted save for the beautiful mountains surrounding it.



These are some random photos of Queenstown and related things.

You’ll notice the petrol price is high in NZ more so than in Australia so it was photo-worthy.

Shotover River at Arthurs Point

Gorge Road out to Arthurs Point is magnificent with mountains surrounding it on both sides.

At the Gorge there is a small one lane bridge going over The Shotover River.  We decided to go down to the river to explore.  Here’s photos from the river.


Tomorrow we will explore Queenstown


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