New Zealand Day 11: Going Home

April 4, 2015

Today is the day we go home, how sad.  We packed our things and left the hotel.  The clouds were sitting low over the mountain behind the hotel after some rain.

Low Clouds

Low Clouds

We headed to Queenstown Airport to return the car and check in for our flight.  It was sad returning the car and making my way into the terminal but I’m sure we’ll get back here someday.

Crystal hurried through customs and immigration to wait at the gate.  Unfortunately for her there was only a duty free shop and a few food outlets which were closed.  Apparently they normally open an hour or so before a flight.  She went in 3 hours early.

I waited outside and watched the weather change.  It was cold and had started the rain lightly.

Finally I too went through customs and immigration and an hour later we boarded our Jetstar flight for the Gold Coast where we would swap over for our final leg to Sydney.

I got some photos of the clouds from the plane just cause I like flying.  Here they are.

Closing Off

In closing we had a great time.  The driving can get to you a bit if you’re doing it solo but as long as you space it out it’s not too bad.

I regret spending so many days in Queenstown when we really didn’t do too much there.  I wish we’d made it to Milford Sound but I guess that’s a good reason to visit New Zealand again.

I’d like to spend some more time in the future exploring more of the south island as we only really explored the east coast and missed a lot of the west.

Considering it’s only about a 3 hour flight from Sydney, New Zealand is definitely on the “to be visited again” list.


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