New Beginnings

Hi Visitors,

After spending a few months putting together my blog The Flight Deck thought it was time I put some thought into how to make a more successful blog.

I plan to re-write so of my old travel blog posts in more detail over various posts cause I really haven’t done some of my adventures justice.

I have a passion for travel as do many other people writing blogs just like this and while my adventures may not be as exotic and wild as others I would still love to tell my stories.

I am also an avid aviation enthusiast which for those who don’t understand basically means I like planes. Part of my travel excitement is the thrill of going to a new airport, catching a different plane and taking in the experience of jetsetting. I’ve also been known to sit at the airport on weekends and take photos of planes, or videos of them landing and taking off. Crazy I know but that’s my thing.

My posts will range from local travel around Australia to my international getaways to my love of aviation.

If you’re into any of those things and would like to see my view on them I beg of you to please follow my blog and see where we can go together on this wild ride we all know as life.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.



Just a Note About Feature Photos

Hi folks, sometimes for my post feature photos I use images found on Google, just cause I don’t have anything super perfect to fit the job.  If you find a photo I’ve used that’s used please leave me a comment and I’ll either credit you on it or remove it if you’d prefer I don’t use it.


comments left so far. Please leave a comment below. Did I mention that I love your feedback?

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  1. Thank you everyone for your likes. I’ve spent a bit of time changing some things around and I am much happier with the format.

    It’s a shame the theme isn’t more customisable but this is the only one I have found that I like.

    I hope to post new content on a regular basis, so for those following my blog I thank you for your support.

    Also be sure to check out my updated New Zealand holiday posts which are down the bottom somewhere. I’ve spent a huge amount of time actually putting detail into these.

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