Blue Mountains in Autumn

So this post is a bit late but I just come across my photos from our Blue Mountains day trip back in April.

This was an amazing day with awesome weather that proceeded the worst weather the Sydney area has seen in years so it was a stroke of luck for us to get in when we did.

What is Scenic World?

Scenic World is an adventure spot located in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, Katoomba to be precise.

Nestled in the bush next to the Three Sisters, Scenic World gives a more “city” type view of the bush with walking paths, tours and much more.

The three main attractions are the Skyway, Cableway and Railway.

The Railway is a “train” that runs on a track at almost 90 degrees down the side of the cliff.  It’s quite exhilarating but I was only happy to go down once, it was a bit too hair raising for me.

The Skyway is a cable car (gondola) that travels from one side of the valley to the other.  It’s quite large and fits about 30 or so people.  It has a section that is glass bottomed to really add to the thrill.  The views from here are amazing.

The Cableway is a cable car which goes down into the valley from the top.  It’s huge and the operator gives a lot of information about the surrounding area while you travel.

For more information visit

Hot Tip: If you’re planning a visit, buy your tickets online before you go.  The lines on the weekend just to gain entry are long and prepaid tickets get to skip the queue.

Why we went

My wife and her friend were dying to see the brown leaves of Autumn.  The Blue Mountains has lots of trees so this seemed like a great place to go to experience it.

The Experience

This place is a must see for tourists.  We live in Sydney which is only about 2 hours drive from Katoomba but I still feel like a tourist when we visit.

The feature attractions are hit and miss on a weekend with so many people trying to take part it can make it very frustrating.  At one point I was stuck at the bottom of the Cableway for over an hour waiting for my turn to get a lift back up the valley.

Crystal and Ken

Crystal and Ken

Here’s some more photos from the day and a video riding the Cableway down to the valley floor.

Scenic World Cableway Going Up


Here’s a video of the Railway as found on Scenic World website.



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    • They are all crazy high but they’re very big and feel quite stable. The train down the mountain is quite freaky. You’re kind of sitting laid back before it starts and practically standing upright on the way down.

    • The views are awesome and we had such a clear day that made it all the more better.

      First time on these things is a bit hair raising thinking of everything that could go wrong but by the second time you’re a lot more relaxed.

  1. I went on a gondola up a mountain in Christchurch in New Zealand and it stopped about 100 meters from the top. My wife kept moving around and it was shaking and making all sorts of noises. That kind of turned me off them a little since.

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