On The Flight Deck

On a rainy Spring morning I again made the several hour drive from home to Albion Park just south of Wollongong to visit HARS. (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society) for their November open day.

Illawarra Airport

Illawarra Airport

Despite the rain (which was horrible to drive in) I was determined to go check out the upper deck of the 747 onsite which has only recently opened to the public.

Crystal come along with me to see what all the fuss was about.

Because of the rain most of the aircraft had been wedged firmly into the hanger for public viewing and despite there being not too many people there it still wasn’t quite the same as when the weather is fine and you can walk around the apron to really take in the planes.

HARS very own Lockheed Super Constellation has just turned 60 and I was hoping to see some flight action but mechanics were busily working away on one of her engines inside the hanger.

Still it was another opportunity to sit inside the plane and breathe in some history.

Finally off to the 747.  The gentlemen upstairs who was giving tour information was telling me about the cockpit door.  They have secured a perspex “door” over the cockpit entrance so the public can view but not access.  He told me they went through 6 drills trying to install the door due to the sturdiness of the frame post 9/11.

For more info on the planes and open days or the society iteself, visit HARS.org.au


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