Changi Lounge Jewel

The Changi Lounge located on level 1 of the new Jewel at Changi Airport is a pay per use lounge offering up the usual services of buffet food, bar, internet, meeting rooms and shower facilities.

With prices starting at SG$38 it’s a great way to relax from the hustle and bustle of airport life between your flights.

I upgraded to the SG$50 which included the shower facilities to soak off some of the Singapore sweat after a long day romping around the city and have to say it was super relaxing.

The lounge is quiet despite being just meters away from the ever busy Jewel.  There are plenty of tables and lounges scattered around with USB and power outlets to charge up your devices and chillax.  You can even take a nap if you’re in need of some shut eye.





The Food


With a buffet of delicious foods, free soft drink, water and juice, ice cream and coffee you can’t go wrong for the small entry fee into the lounge.  The food was absolutely delicious and while I did try to taste everything I ended up filling up on the cheesecake.  Wow.





The Shower Facilities


This was the highlight for me.  After trecking around Singapore for a day there is nothing better than a nice refreshing shower.  The hosts escort you to a private room equiped with all the bathroom facilities you need.  Included is a hair dryer, toothbrush and shaving kits and some very relaxing body wash.  The shower boasts a rainwater system which is easy to lose track of time standing under.  The toilet is a full bidet system (think Japanese) which takes care of everything for you.  I could of spent longer enjoying the shower jets.






I highly recommend a visit to the lounge if you’re after some R&R after taking in Jewel.  It’s most definitely worth the small entry fee.

On my exit the host come to ask if I would be coming back.  I advised I would be heading off to my flight and he shook my hand and wished me well on my travels.  This kind of personal touch is something I will remember for on my next visit through Changi.  Thankyou for your kind service Raaqib.

It’s open 24/7 and you can find more info on their website here.





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