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It seems these days everyone has a travel blog.  While this may be almost true there can be a long distance between good quality and bad with some blogs keeping you around for a long time with engaging content and others a fleeting glance before moving on.

It probably goes without saying one of the original travel / aviation bloggers is Sam Chui who has amassed millions of miles in the sky over thousands of flights and airlines.  Sam’s blog is a full time effort and is updated daily with aviation news, reviews and much much more.  You can check out his site here.

Another blog I have been watching lately is In Flight With James.  The site is going through a major redevelopment right now and it’s always great when the content is fresh and rich.  James is another flight fanatic who takes regular flights, often around Europe and sometimes beyond and writes about his experiences along the way.  You check check out his site here.


At this point I have to admit my absolute envy.  Sam has the charisma and experience to be welcomed aboard some pretty awesome flights and James has the luxury of cheap euro flights.  If I could fly international for $20-30 i’d never be home.  Sadly a cheap flight out of Australia is $200+ for one way.


Closer to home is Australia’s very own Brooke Saward from Tasmania who travels the world in style sharing the most amazing places through photography and creative writing.  Brooke is another professional blogger who even has a book under her belt.  You can check out her site here.


There are thousands of travel blogs out there.  I often look for innovative ways to improve my own based on what others are doing but lately I have found people will come across your content when they do and often without leaving a trace but the stats still show people are reading it so that gives me a great sense of achievement.  Unfortunately it’s not always easy to add new content daily or even weekly without becoming repetitive and no one needs another site that is just duplicating news content.  It just makes the times when new content is being lived more precious and the experience more rewarding to write about even if it isn’t always that frequent.


Thank you for reading.  Be sure to check out the blog’s listed above, these people put their heart and soul into what they do and certainly deserve some of your time to enjoy their content.  As always if you’ve got any other interesting travel or aviation blogs to share please leave a comment below.



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