Airline Safety Videos #2

Retro Safety Videos

Here’s a few retro safety videos that I managed to find, some old, some not so old.

Not the easiest to find retro safety videos especially when lots of planes of yester-year never had screens in the seats.

If you know any others please share in the comments.

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Air Canada Boeing 747-200 video from Around 1986 reported to be recorded in a L-1011 cabin. English and French.


TWA Safety Video from a real L-1011 TriStar


Delta MD-11 Safety Video from around 2001


US Airways Boeing 737-400 Safety Video – Year Unknown


Cathay Pacific Safety Video from 1994 when Smoking Was Still Permitted Onboard


Qantas Safety Demonstration Video Featuring John Travolta


Thomas Cook 767-300 Safety Video (It’s in French Sorry)


ANA 747-400 Safety Video (Mixed Japanese/English)


Be sure to leave a comment below and share your favourite video or any you know of that are “retro”.



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