Airline Safety Videos #3

Time to fasten your seat belts, it’s time for part 3 of the Airline Safety Videos series.  This time let’s look at some airlines that show off their destinations while demonstrating their safety procedures.  Be sure to leave a comment down the bottom and share with your friends.


Of course we have to start with the new Qantas video for the new Dreamliners featuring lots of far flung destinations Qantas is flying to.



Next join the famous Singapore Girl and explore the sights of Singapore while you’re briefed on Singapore Airlines safety protocols.



Icelandair features some of the beauty of Iceland in this safety video, camp under the northern lights or jump off a waterfall, just remember to take your life jacket from under the seat.



Join United’s staff as they travel to many of their destinations to bring you a safety demonstration of epic proportions.


Aloha and welcome to Hawaiian Airlines safety video showing off the beautiful scenery of Hawaii.



Lastly let’s see some of the sights of Summer of New Zealand with Air New Zealand’s video


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