That Airporty Feeling

Hi folks,

So last night I had to go to Sydney Airport to pickup my wife from her flight back from Guangzhou.

I ended up sitting around the terminal for a couple of hours with the flight being a little delayed then waiting for her to clear customs and you all know the drill.

First I started off having a quick snack at McDonalds in the arrivals hall then I went upstairs to the checkin area and walked around the shops before heading out to the terrace for a cigarette.

Pretty much just like every time I go to the airport to fly out somewhere, only this time I didn’t have a ticket (or my passport).

The more I go to the airport the more I love it, and while Sydney Airport just feels so familiar to me it almost felt like a whole new experience last night, walking around killing time.

The feeling landing in another country and stepping outside for the first time, feeling the different weather on your face, the smells of different foods coming from the food court, it’s a wonderful experience that I just can’t get enough of.

Just this month alone I’ve taken 5 flights and each time has been awesome.

By the way, I only need 55 more status credits to get bumped up to silver with Velocity.  Wow has it been hard to do that on a budget.

Anyway, if you love that new airport feeling, stepping off a plane and outside into a new adventure please share in the comments.  I love hearing other peoples stories.


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