Sydney Plane Spotting 21 August 2016

Many different types of aircraft in this video. B777, B787, B737, A320, A321, A330 and more smaller planes including a Dassault-Mystere Falcon and Jetstream 32.

Some of the video is less than perfect, I am testing out video with the new camera (Canon SX60) and it’s not super easy to hold steady and zoom.
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00:09 – China Eastern Airlines A330-343 (B-5902)
00:45 – Fiji Airways A330-243 (DQ-FJT)
01:15 – Cebu Pacific Air A330-343 (RP-C3343)
02:14 – Qantas A330-203 (VH-EBG)
02:37 – Qantas A330-202 (VH-EBK)
02:51 – Private Operatior – Dassault-Mystere Falcon 20-F5 (VH-FAI)
03:06 – FlyPelican Jetstream 32 (VH-NTL)
03:23 – Qantas B747-438(ER) (VH-OEH)
04:34 – REX Saab 340B (VH-RXX)
05:00 – Jetstar B787-8 (VH-VKD)
05:58 – Tigerair A320-232 (VH-VNB)
06:30 – Virgin Australia B737-8KG (VH-VUY)
07:00 – Jetstar A321-231 (VH-VWZ)
07:18 – Air New Zealand B787-9 (ZK-NZD)
07:55 – Jetstar A320-232 (VH-VQP)
08:08 – Qantas Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 – (VH-QOK)
08:22 – Private Operator – Bombardier CL-600 (VH-VSZ)
08:32 – Latam Chile B787-9 (CC-BGJ)
08:41 – Air New Zealand B777-219(ER) (ZK-OKC)


Here’s some still shots captured from the sidelines.



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