Port Macquarie

Imagine my excitement flying in a plane I’ve never experienced.

I wouldn’t call myself a “frequent flyer” but I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the skies over the years.  Today was my first experience in a twin propeller ATR72-600 plane.

I found some cheap tickets a few months ago from Sydney to Port Macquarie.  Having family in Port Macquarie made the decision easier.  Day with the family, new plane to try!

There’s not a whole lot more to say about today.  It was hot, the flight was great fun and it was fantastic seeing my sister and brother in law (we really just dont get to see each other as much as I would like).

Some flight general info (recordings of flight track at bottom)

Sydney to Port Macquarie – Virgin Australia VA1187 (Rego: VH-FVN)

Port Macquarie to Sydney – Virgin Australia VA1188 (Rego: VH-FVR)

My apologies for the videos being in portrait. I had the propeller outside my window and landscape showed it in the shots.

Here’s my videos and photos which will both tell my story and show my happiness up in the sky.







This one is a must see, it’s an awesome view of Sydney including the Harbour Bridge, city, Anzac bridge and surrounds before finally touching down at Sydney Airport.



And now for some photos:


Unfortunately some of the flight data is missing due to poor ADS-B coverage in the area around the mid north coast.




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