The Manly Ferry

It’s been a while since I did a little Sydney adventure, so this weekend I decided to get a train to the city and then catch the Manly Ferry across to Manly to go for a walk to the beach.

So of course the adventure starts with a train ride to get to Circular Quay in Sydney.  Here’s a video of the train going over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, always a great view.



From here you have to change trains at Wynyard station in order to go back to Circular Quay.  Once you arrive you can be gobsmacked by the view.  Circular Quay station is nestled above Circular Quay and below the Cahill Expressway.  On the harbour side of the station you’ll find large open windows to look out over the water with the Harbour Bridge right in front of you.  When I arrived there was also a large cruise ship docked in the International Passenger Terminal.  There’s also plenty of historic buildings around Circular Quay including the Opera House.



Head over the Wharf 3 and you can jump on the Manly Ferry.  This ferry is quite large and it’s normally always busy.  You can also sit outside to really take in the view with upper and lower decks.

Ferry not your thing?  You can drive or catch the bus to Manly from the city and suburbs such as Chatswood or Neutral Bay/Mosman.

The ferry has it’s benefits, because the views are… AMAZING.




On arrival at Manly Wharf you come to the realisation that Manly is full of beautiful people.  Tourists and locals alike, Manly attracts the young and energetic.  You’ll see many people walking around wearing their bikinis or carrying a surf board.  This really has turned into a tourist town.

The weekends are especially busy with street entertainers, markets and plenty of shops and restaurants.  There’s also a number of pubs serving up entertainment along the Corso.

(The Corso is the main street comprising a road and a closed in mall and runs between the Ferry Wharf and the beach)

I did record a time lapse video walking the Corso but unfortunately the video didn’t work out and I lost it.



Manly certainly does make for a fun day out, especially if you like the sun and the sand and watching people.  There are so many people sometimes it can be hard to move between them.  The shops are plenty and the food is abundant.

Finally on your return trip it’s a good idea to sit on the other side of the ferry so you can take in more sights.

Harbour Bridge in the Distance



Kirribilli House (Where the Prime Minister is meant to live)



Back at The Bridge



If you’re interested in Manly, you can


If you’d like to visit Manly, or have been or you just like my photos, please leave a comment below (have I mentioned that I love comments).  Thankyou.




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