Lorraine’s Musings: Beautiful Day in Barbados

So how did I spend a clear day in Barbados?

I had a very nice breakfast with my colleague Jon and another captain who was flying back yesterday, taking my cabin crew home. We sat in the lovely garden of a nice little cafe called Coffee Barbados Cafe next to a small museum, and saw a monkey. It was such a nice setting, and the breakfast was good! Baked smoked salmon on sour dough roll topped with poached egg, washed down with a very nice cappuccino. I then met a friend who lives here and we had a lovely walk along the beach.


After this lovely walk, I met up again with my colleague Jon, and as he is a scuba diver and it is more than 24 hours before we fly, he went for a dive, and I went on a snorkel trip and swam with the turtles, and then swam over one of the wrecks and saw many fish. Later that day we went out to a restaurant that I’d heard a lot about called Tapas – and that is what we ate – although they do have entrees too. Great restaurant, great atmosphere and fantastic setting – right by the waves! Well, I have had some boring times in the past on trips – but – this is not one of them! In fact, this is one of the best! A nice trip to celebrate 28 years in BA.



Tasty Tapas! No wine tonight though – flying tomorrow!

My next post will hopefully have some pictures of the aircraft and flight deck, if I get time to take any.


Lorraine Taylor is a 28 year veteran of British Airways captaining Boeing 777’s around the globe.  Hopefully Lorraine will write up some more musings for us over time cause we absolutely love hearing from her and seeing her adventures (can you call them that when you’re at work?)  All views expressed by Lorraine are her own and not that of her employer.  You can find Lorraine on Twitter @LorraineTaylor7


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