Fiji 2015 Day 5

Sadly today is our last day in Fiji.

We spent the morning in bed making the most of our relaxation time before we had to venture out.

I had a little running around to do returning our pool towels and packing our things.

I took a few last photos of the resort.

At 12 we made our way to reception to settle our account and say goodbye to the resort.

We took a taxi into Nadi to have one last lunch which Crystal opted to go back to the Seafood Restaraunt where we had our first dinner.

Taking a taxi back to the resort to collect our bags was an experience.  The taxi was missing half of the dashboard and the seat belt was so frayed im not sure if there was any benefit to wearing it.

We collected our things and booked a private car to take us to the airport.  The driver was a lovely man but made the large Land Cruiser he was driving look small.

We arrived at the airport, waited in line for about 45 minutes to check in then made our way through immigration.

The flight was scheduled about 30 minutes after we made it through so there wasn’t too long to wait.

The departure area of Nadi International Airport seems to have had some major renovations as it was nothing like the experience we had when we arrived.

Just before boarding the plane we had our bags searched again by a bunch of people standing on the aerobridge.

The plane pushed back, made its way to the runway then…. what?  We’re going back to the gate?  There was a sick passenger on board who had passed out.  After the call for a doctor on board they found no one so busily offloaded the passenger.  An hour later in the scorching heat the plane again made its way to the runway and this time we took off without problem.

The view from the plane was amazing so I got some photos.


Flying into Brisbane is just as unique with the islands off the coastline.


Because of the delays in Nadi with the sick passenger we had a very short time to get from Brisbane International to Brisbane Domestic to catch our connecting flight back to Sydney.

We rushed through immigration and customs and jumped on the airport bus and made it to the domestic terminal with about 15 minutes to spare before our flight took off.

Sitting on the plane back to Sydney we come to the realisation that the holiday was over and we were almost back home.

Arriving back in Sydney just before the 11pm curfew there were only a couple of flights landing past ours we were lucky to make it back in time.



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