Fiji 2015 Day 4

Day 4 was another hot day in Denerau.  We set off into Nadi town center so Crystal could take a look around the local shops.

After walking up and down the main street for a couple of hours she returned empty handed and we set off back to Port Denerau for lunch.

We decided to try something a bit more authentic Fijian but Crystal made a mistake and walked into the wrong restaurant so we sat down and had an entree in Indigo which is an Indian/Asian type establishment.

After this we went next door to Nadina and ended lunch up with another dish of Kokoda and Crystal had a coconut and dessert.



Full and satisfied we jumped back into the car and headed into Nadi again, this time heading east.

It wasn’t long between we saw a market on the side of the road and stopped quickly to have a look.  Crystal was in and out in under 5 minutes and returned with some strange honey.

We kept driving east and before long were back at Nadi Airport.

There’s a mountain range behind the airport that looks quite interesting so I decided we’d drive towards that to see what was there.

After getting around the mountains we kept driving not sure where we were going and about 30 minutes later arrived in Lautoka which is another coastal city.

We found a car park, paid the meter and head off towards a large market across the street.

The entrance to the market was filled with stalls selling all manner of wood products, jewellery and whatever else you could think of.


Behind this was the larger market area which was mostly fruit and vegetable stalls.


After a little time the heat became unbearable so we headed back to the car.


We decided we’d drive around a little in the comfort of the air conditioned car and see what else was around.

Near the port area there were some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and along the roads some amazing trees which I believe are called Christmas trees with bright red leaves.



Afterwards we headed back to Radisson Blu on Denarau Island to hit up the pool for a few hours.

Once it was almost dark we headed back into Nadi for dinner.  We decided to go back to Habibi where we’d been on day 2 just because the food was so fantastic.



I will try to put some photos of the food up if I can get them off Crystal’s phone later.

After dinner we drove into Nadi for one last driving tour before we return the hire car tomorrow morning.

At the end of the town center main street is the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple which has many lights of a night and is quite beautiful.  I got a quick video but it doesn’t really give it justice.


Read on to day 5, last day then heading home


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