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Being the capital of Australia and the most organised city in the country, Canberra of course has a good public transport network.  The primary means of travel is by bus however the light rail network is up and running now with further expansions planned in the future.

While tickets are available for purchase from buses and light rail stops the best and cheapest means for travel is the MyWay Card which is Canberra’s alternative to Sydney’s Opal or Melbourne Myki cards.

The big problem is, while there are hundreds of places to by an Opal card in Sydney there are far fewer places in Canberra.  Luckily the city is a lot smaller than Sydney so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding somewhere to get one.  You can find a map of locations here.

There are few benefits of purchasing a MyWay card unless you are a resident or regular visitor to Canberra and the cards do cost $5 to purchase up front.

Topping up can be done at light rail stops and large bus stations or at retailers that sell the cards.  You can also top up online once you have registered the card.

Registration is required to check activity and balance online and the process can take 24 hours or more to activate so don’t leave this until the last minute if you need it.

You can find more information on Canberra’s public transport network and MyWay cards on the Transport ACT website.


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