Another sunny Saturday and another weekend adventure around Sydney.  This time I decided to check out the “Wynyard Walk” which is an underground walk way that stretches between Wynyard Station to Barangaroo, the newest addition to our city.

Wynyard Walk starts near the Clarence Street entrance to the station and is a 180m tunnel that avoids the street traffic and hilly streets above.  It is fully accessible so anyone can enjoy a day out.

Along the tunnel are oddly shaped screen which show images of Wynyard Station’s history.


At the Barangaroo end you come out near David Jones.  The area is similar to Darling Harbour (which is just across the water) in that it has many shops, restaurants and bars, has a boardwalk going from one end to the other and crowds of people out to enjoy the weather.

The boardwalk starts from the under construction Crown Casino site to the King Street Wharf which is part of Darling Harbour.

Above are 3 similar towers which over shadow the area.  In fact the streets behind the boardwalk are mostly in darkness due to the sun being blocked out.

On the water front are the Sydney Ferries wharves as well as a number of other wharves for other operators.  You’ll find the likes of Captain Cook Cruises and Sydney Show Boats (these are old fashioned paddle boats, really cool to see).



It was quite lovely in the sun and a shame to head back to Wynyard to get a train home, although it was nice having a nap on the train too.  The walk back to Wynyard shows off some of the historical parts of Sydney up close with the newest parts.




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