Virgin Australia Lounge Adelaide Airport

The Virgin Australia Lounge at Adelaide Airport is not going to win any awards for size, but it does meet the requirements for the location.

On entry you’ll be greeted by the friendly Virgin Australia staff who will check your boarding pass / velocity membership for eligibility to enter.  If you’re after an earlier flight, boarding pass or flight changes the staff here are always willing to assist.

Once you’ve been checked in you’re free to enter the lounge.

Unlike other Virgin Lounges the space is a lot smaller but there is a bunch of different ways to get comfortable with lounges, tables and high tables to setup shop.  There’s power outlets around the room so you can charge up your devices.

There’s also a bar, barrister and food selections to fill you up before your flight.  The options aren’t as extensive as some other lounges but are by no means lacking in selection or quality.

The bathrooms were clean and quiet and there’s a shower if you want to freshen up before your flight.

The lounge is also conveniently located near shops and gates so it’s nice and close to most of the amenities in the terminal.  It’s also close to the International Gates but I am unsure if it’s wise to hang out in the lounge before an international flight as you’d still have to get out and through security before your flight.  Although given Adelaide airport doesn’t have too many international flights you might have time.

The lounge scores in at 8/10 and this is mostly because while simple it is staffed by some friendly people always willing to accommodate your needs.



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