The Crash of MH370

I recently come across this ebook released by a retired A380 captain, James Nixon.

The Crash Of MH370 examines the facts, who’s who, the flight and search. It dispels the populist theories, provides the author’s best guess as to what happened, and provides a list of thirteen urgent recommendations for the industry. It’s the first book on the subject written by an airline captain with similar experience to the missing pilot.


It’s not a huge read and it definitely does what it says by dispelling most of the theories we have read about and heard on the media since the planes disappearance back in March 2014.

While the undersea search has come to a close (for now), we are all hopeful that in the near future the governments involved will reopen the search in the hopes we can find answers to this baffling aviation mystery.

If you’d like to purchase the ebook you can follow this link to Amazon.


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