Sydney Plane Spotting 10 December 2016

Photos and videos taken at “The Beach” alongside taxiway alpha and RWY16L/34R.  It was a little windy so there’s a bit of wind noise in the video and some unsteadiness.



00:11 – Singapore Airlines B747-412F (9V-SFN)
01:44 – Cathay Pacific B777-367(ER) (B-KQE)
02:24 – British Airways B777-336(ER) G-STBA
03:30 – Qantas B747-438(ER) (VH-OEH)
04:28 – Jetstar A320-232 (VH-VGF)
05:25 – Qantas B747-438(ER) (VH-OEI)
06:10 – Qantas A380-842 (VH-OQB)
06:36 – Jetstar B787-8 Dreamliner (VH-VKA)
07:36 – Singapore Airlines A380-841 (9V-SKH)
08:41 – Virgin Australia B777-3ZG(ER) (VH-VPF)
10:05 – Jetstar B787-8 Dreamliner (VH-VKL)
11:00 – Air New Zealand B777- 219(ER) (ZK-OKC)





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