Sydney Plane Spotting 10 July 2016

On Sunday 10th July 2016 I spent a good part of the early afternoon at “The Beach” taking photos and videos of planes on RWY34L.  In the late afternoon I drove around to Tempe to catch up with a fellow spotter and we watch a few flights take off over top of us (see latter photos below).

The following video is a compilation of photos and videos from the day.  Some of the photos don’t have associated videos so just go with the flow and hopefully you like watching as much as I enjoyed taking the photos/video.



Here’s some photos from the above Youtube clip (and a few extras)



And for fun here’s some cloud photos I took as the Sun was setting.


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  1. Sorry about the lack of Youtube video folks. Having some issues getting it encoded to upload. Will have it done soon hopefully.

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