Singapore Airlines

I was lucky enough after my recent trip to Manila to come back to Australia with Singapore Airlines flying courtesy of some Velcocity Frequent Flyer points via Brisbane back to Sydney from Singapore.

The plane was an almost brand new Airbus A350-900 and while seated way back in economy was more than comfortable.  I even lucked out and got stuck next to another larger framed man who still managed to keep to himself the whole flight.

The entertainment is top notch, with a huge screen unlike anything i’ve experienced on a plane before.  The content was fresh and entertaining.

My absolute favourite part of the flight was the food.  The servings are large enough to stop you from being hungry and extremely enjoyable.

Sadly I didn’t take photos, this was a redeye flight and all I wanted to do was sleep, despite not doing much of it.


Would I recommend Singapore Airlines?  Absolutely, in fact I look forward to flying them again in the future.  The new planes and the friendly service certainly trump other airlines I have flown internationally with, including Qantas.


On a side note, i’d like to give a Singapore A380 a try on my next trip.


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