Racism in 2020

It saddens me that I even have to weigh in on this subject in 2020, but it’s reaching around the world at the moment and touching so many lives it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the issues facing humanity.

With the insurgence of the #blacklivesmatter movement following the death of George Floyd in the USA many nations have stepped back to take a look at the issues facing their own citizens and have come to see just how much it is affecting lives today.

It saddens me that it has taken this one death to be the final straw, this is an issue that should never have been.

It is ingrained in many from the time we are children that those different to us are to be feared, despised and hated.  Those that have different skin, eat different food, pray to a different god, play different, live different.  100 years ago humanity was ignorant, we were locked in our bubbles with little exposure to the outside world and difference made us scared.  In 2020 there is no barriers in this world.  We can go from one side of the planet to the other in under a day, and we do.

It saddens me that there is so much beauty in our world, so much diversity, so much to see, feel, love and learn and yet we still look at it from our bubble as something to poke fun at, to be scared of, to hate.

We as humans are letting ourselves down each and every day.  There should be no protest for peoples rights to be treated equally, this should just be how it is.  For someone to be different is beautiful, it allows us all to share something together and experience amazing things as one humanity, instead of being trapped in our bubble.

I hope that this will open the eyes to the world to the way they think.  This issue is not limited to the colored community in the USA, or the Indigenous Australians.  This is affecting everyone, across the planet.  At the same time this is not everyone’s feelings.  The police in the USA should not be all tarred with the same brush.  It is the individuals who have harbored these feelings and thoughts and it is sad that humanity believes this is how everyone feels and behaves when that is not the case.

It is not decent to stand proud for the rights of one and not of another.  I hear people protesting #blacklivesmatter and yet persecuting the Chinese business owner down the street because “his family caused Coronavirus”.  Not everyone is a good person, people do bad things, they hurt people, commit crimes, but that should be on their shoulders, not their race or anything else that marginalises them.

This needs to stop.  Now.

We are all one people.  No matter the colour of our skin, the god we pray to, the food we eat, the people we love, the place we call home, the language we speak.

Diversity is what makes humanity beautiful and great.

Embrace it instead of fearing it.

Stand up for every single human.

Don’t hate those that cannot accept, feel sorry for them that they cannot open their minds or their hearts.

Be glad that we have so much difference in this world to enjoy.

We are all part of one planet and we have a reach of every corner of it, all of us, no matter who we are.



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