Kings Cross and Bondi Beach

It seems lately that most of my Sunday Sydney Adventures are beaten down by issues with the train network.  Due to trackwork my choices today were relatively limited so I opted to head to the Eastern Suburbs.

My first stop was Kings Cross.


Kings Cross

I haven’t been into Kings Cross for many years and it’s definitely a changed place with many many many For Lease signs in shop windows and far less people around than you’d see in the “old” days on a Sunday.



Still many of the restaurants and cafes are open and people are out in the sun enjoying a late brunch.  There are many venues still left in Kings Cross that have no doubt changed names many times over the years, and owners.



Despite the sadness in seeing such a historical part of Sydney with a long history, for better or worse become so neglected due to the lockout laws that have been imposed causing many of the “nightlife” venues to shut down and drawing in smaller crowds to the area at all.



Still if you’re going to stay in Kings Cross there’s still many backpacker hostels and hotels open for business and as such a short hop to the city and beyond it’s probably not going to die down anytime soon.  You can see hostels the whole stretch of Darlinghurst Road and I am sure there any many more in the backstreets.



At the center of King’s Cross is the Fountain which is officially named the “El Alamein Fountain” and is a war memorial to our fallen soldiers.  It has been standing proud since 1961 and is amazing to look at.  The wind catches the water and sends it off into all directions creating an amazing show for passers by.


Kings Cross Fountain – El Alamein Fountain


Along side the Fountain is the Sunday Markets, however there was not much going on here when I went past.  Not sure if it was too late in the afternoon or it just doesn’t draw in the crowds it once did.



Also the sign showing distances to other cities.  Where to next?

Kings Cross to the World



And lastly the seedy underbelly of The Cross is it’s gentlemen’s clubs and adult stores.  Even some of these appear to have closed down.





Next it was back to the train and off to Bondi Junction, the end of the line.


Bondi Beach

I went to Bondi Beach recently but it was at night and there’s not much photo opportunity in the dark.

Getting here is as easy as catching a bus from Bondi Junction and after a short journey you’ll be dropped off on Campbell Parade across from the beach.

It was really windy today and the wind had some winter bite to it so I was surprised to see so many people out and about.



Getting closer to the beach I realised most people weren’t wearing Bikinis and Budgie Smugglers but were decked out in wind breakers and warm winter clothes, was quite a sight to see that on the beach.



The restaurants and shopping along Campbell Parade weren’t doing a roaring trade but were starting to pick up a little as the day went on.  There’s a lot of restaurants, tourist shops, surf shops and more along the strip here and on warmer days they’re all much busier.




Remember if you do go to the beach for a swim, always swim between the flags and the Bondi Rescue folks will be watching out for you.


Swim Between the Flags at Bondi Beach




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