Illawarra From Above

So unfortunately during our visit to The Illawarra it was rainy and cloudy and foggy and everything just stopped us from getting any good photos.

Didn’t stop me from trying but….


Mount Kiera Lookout

Nestled high above Wollongong is the Mount Kiera Lookout.  At around 430m or 1600ft it offers breathtaking views up and down the coastline and out to the pacific where you will often see large ships coming and going from Port Kembla.

On a rainy day you can still see stuff but it’s nowhere near as good as a clear day.



Bald Hill – Stanwell Tops

This is popular tourist destination and is only about 10 minutes drive off the Princes Freeway east of Helensburg.

The hill has been refitted with new seating, a lookout platform, cafe and public toilets.  It is a popular destination for hang gliders and you can often meet and talk with them or perhaps book in your own hang gliding adventure.

The hill overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the famous Lawrence Hargrave Bridge, a bridge jutting out off the cliffs over the ocean after the old hillside road started to collapse some years ago.




The Family

Just for fun here’s some snaps of the family enjoying these great locations.



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