Hello to my loyal readers,

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my content.  Whether you have come here for something specific or just like looking at my plane videos I really do appreciate your clicks.

More than ever but I look towards you to help me build my content.  How can you help?  Comment comment comment.  Each post has a comments section at the bottom and by adding your own you help build the viewer experience.  Feedback on my posts is also very welcome.  It takes a long time to take photos and videos and compile them into something useful, and obviously my travel stories are unique and I’d like to think enjoyable reads.  Your feedback is key to me spending as much time as I do writing and compiling into these posts for all to enjoy.

Thank you for reading yet another one of my little thought bubbles.  I appreciate it every time someone visits my site.  Please help me to make it better.

Warmest regards,



comments left so far. Please leave a comment below. Did I mention that I love your feedback?

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  1. Hi folks, just an update, i’ve re-enabled the WordPress comments (this part) as well as the Facebook comments, it lets people be a little more anonymous when commenting and isn’t bogged down with the Facebook back end.

    I really hope I can open more of a dialog on the site as it’s getting lot’s of visitors each day but not much (barely any) interaction.

    Thank you again to everyone who visits and reads my stories, I appreciate every one of you.

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