Blog Redesign

Hi folks,

So after starting this blog a year or so ago on I decided it was time to break free from the constraints of a the WordPress system.

I’ve moved the blog to a new host and it’s now free for me to add in whatever plugins etc I like.

The downside to all of this is, there are some good features on which just don’t work as good on the self-hosted version.

I’ve also decided to break free of the standard blog archive pages opting to design my own pages for each category so I can lay it out exactly as I please which I think in the long run looks a whole lot better but requires a little more work with each new post.

Hopefully everyone will like the new format.  I’ve broken up my passions between Planes and Travel so no one has to see a whole heap of stuff that doesn’t interest them.  It also gives me a chance to highlight some of the things that interest me the most.

If you like my blog please bookmark and come back often to see what exciting things i’ve been up to.  I have a trip to Perth coming up in May, my first time to the west coast!

Also if you’ve got any hints or tips for things I can do to improve the site please leave a comment below.


comments left so far. Please leave a comment below. Did I mention that I love your feedback?

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