August Update

Hi folks,


I am happy to see people are still visiting my site and reading my content even though it has been quite slow for me for a while now.


Unfortunately with bad health, covid and lockdowns I haven’t been able to get out much.


It will be exciting once the borders open, travel goes back to normal and life returns to something far less depressing.


I guess we’re waiting for enough people to be vaccinated so that can happen.   I’m happy that I managed to get my vaccines (both of them) done early on so I am part of the solution and not part of the problem.


It has been a hard time dealing with covid by myself, my health has been poor since a work accident almost 3 years ago and unfortunately my outlook feels more grim with each passing month.  Hopefully not much longer until I can get some respite and improved mobility.  Fingers crossed right? 🤞🤞🤞🤞


Meanwhile I am still trying (slowly) to improve my Japanese language skills while stuck at home.  I love Japanese music (jpop, rock etc) and anime and learning more of the language certainly makes both more immersive of an experience.  Wish my old brain was more spongy.


Anyway I am looking forward to the future, even if it looks dark right now.  I am excited to be able to travel again and share more experiences with everyone.


Be sure to take care of yourselves during these troubling times and be kind to others always.  Kindness will help the world recover.


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